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General Contracting

The main functions of the General contractor:

  1. Selection of contractors for certain types of work, if necessary, upon agreement with the Customer;
  2. Organization of tender procedures on the contractor selection at the request of the Customer;
  3. Participation in tenders, when declared, on certain types of work;
  4. Coordination and management of the work of all contractors;
  5. Providing the contractors with coordinated and duly approved design estimate documentation which passed the inspection;
  6. Participation in scheduling of work and delivery of equipment and coordination before validating;
  7. Supervision of volume, costs and quality of works performed by contractors, in accordance with the standards and the contract;
  8. Ensuring readiness of the project, structures and certain types of work that are necessary for the production activities of contractors;
  9. Acceptance of the contractor's completed work and payment for them in the manner prescribed by the contract;
  10. Approval of the finished object with the necessary authorities and the subsequent transfer of the object to the Customer.

Why us?

Quick delivery of equipment

If the required item is on stock, we are ready to deliver the equipment on the next day after signing the contract

Professional advice

We will show you how to do it better and faster

We implement technically complex solutions

We develop technical specifications and coordinate them with the relevant authorities

We work directly with manufacturers

We have signed partnership and dealer agreements with many manufacturers, which guarantees high quality of equipment and low prices

projects implemented


The company LLC «Liman-trade» for the period of cooperation with the company LLC «Syktyvkar Plywood Mill» has established itself as a reliable supplier that meets the requirements of the enterprise to the counterparties, complies with the rules of the concluded contract and responsibly performs its obligations.

A.N. Pominov

Head of the Procurement Service

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