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Drive technologies

The gearbox is a mechanism which transmits and converts torque to one or more mechanical transmissions. The gearbox that converts high angular velocity of the input shaft into a lower angular velocity of the output shaft while increasing the torque, is usually called demultiplier, and the gearbox, which converts a low angular velocity to the higher is usually called the multiplier.

Selection of the type and operating parameters of the gearbox is the most critical task in the development of anelectric drive system. Therefore, the qualification and experience in develoment of similar systems is the basic requirement to ensure process reliability.

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LLC «Liman-trade» has won the tender for works on designing of steam boilers automatic protection system KZK 70 №1 and №2 of CCR and steam pressure control system in deaerators of CCR.
The works were performed in accordance with technical requirements and deadlines. The employees of LLC «Liman-trade» have qualification andprofessional competence necessary for performance of works in this area. All organizational and technical issues were solvedin short time.
Coordination with public supervisory authorities was performed in the shortest possible time, no concerns or rebukes detected.
We express our gratitude to LLC «Liman-trade» for the quality of work and recommend the company as a stable and reliable partner.

А.V. Eshchenko

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